We are happy that you are interested in a career at Yara and hope you will enjoy reading more about what it is like to work in our company!

Why join us?


Working for Yara makes sense. We believe that social responsibility goes hand-in-hand with commercial opportunities.

Through our extensive knowledge and our global presence, Yara is in a unique position to meet some of the biggest challenges of our time and turn them into profitable business opportunities. We create positive impact by using economic success as a driver for change and green growth. Working with Yara means contributing to:

  • Produce sustainable food for a growing world population
  • Mitigate climate change
  • Reduce water and energy consumption
  • Safeguard human health.


Since 1910, the Viking ship has been part of our logo. It heralds the Norwegian origins of our company and culture. Teamwork, trust, accountability and ambition are our company values and the words that best characterise the way we work together. Our staff appreciates an open-minded environment where progress is shared.


Our activities range from ammonia production to phosphate mining, from commodity trade to research and development, from agriculture to environmental technologies. Our deep integration, broad scope and global reach require a wide variety of skills. Yara offers a workplace where diverse cultural backgrounds and professional profiles team up to meet complex new challenges, creating a rich and exciting job experience.


Yara offers stimulating challenges all over the world. Knowledge grows is our maxim and we want people to grow with us.

Yara is a workplace where people grow. While managers have a critical role in ensuring that all our people can perform to the best of their abilities, our employees are in charge of their own work life and development. We aim to give all employees the opportunity to achieve their full potential and to offer longer-term prospects for personal and career development. In return, we expect them to be interested in their development and to take the initiative in identifying and acting on their areas for personal and professional growth.