Increasing Stone Fruit Number

Whereas the effect of nitrogen on the number of fruits per tree is not clear, particularly phosphorus and magnesium have been found to increase fruit number. 

Boron, iron and zinc also support higher yields by helping the tree to produce more fruits.

Crop Nutrition and Stone Fruit Number


GRAPH Phosphorus and Fruit Bud Numbers
GRAPH Phosphorus, Fruit number and size

While phosphorus is not needed in large amounts by the trees, on phosphorus deficient soils it can have a direct effect on the number of flower buds and fruit set.


GRAPH Magnesium Sprays and Fruit Retention

Magnesium sprays can improve the retention of fruits onto the tree, reducing fruit drop. Common practice is to use foliar applications at petal-fall, fruit set and then at 10-14 day intervals to help overcome any set back in growth (e.g. due to low temperatures) or fruit loss from the tree. Soil Mg applications ensure regular long-term supplies are available within the tree.


GRAPH Boron and fruit set

The key benefit from boron is at bud burst and flowering when it is used to maximize fruit set. Trials confirm that best results come from applying boron in the autumn two to three weeks before leaf-fall targeting the foliage and buds. This boron is then more available to encourage better flowering and fruit set in the following spring.

GRAPH Boron and fruit set
GRAPH Fruit set and yield


GRAPH Zinc and fruit retention

Similar to boron, a poor zinc supply results in flower abortion and fruit loss. Early spring sprays while leaves are still expanding are the most effective in achieving the desired higher zinc levels in leaves.

Recommended Yara Fertilizers for Stone Fruit

7660-yarabela can-27-main image

YaraBela CAN-27

YaraBela CAN-27 contains 27% total Nitrogen, 50% in the nitrate form

7664-unika kali-main image


Unika Kali(13-0-37.4) is a high quality field grade potassium nitrate product.

7659-urean 425-main image


Yara UreaN 425 (42.5% N) is a high analysis formulated liquid nitrogen

7661-yaramila complex-main image


YaraMila Complex (12-5-15) is a high quality, prilled NPK product which also contains magnesium and sulphur as well as micronutrients.

7674-yaramila 8-11-20 (8-24-24)-main image

YaraMila 8-11-20 (8-24-24)

YaraMila (8-11-20) is a high quality, granular NPK product which also contains sulphur and micronutrients.

7662-yaraliva nitrabor-main image


YaraLiva Nitrabor (15.5% N + 18% Ca + 0.3% B) is a high quality calcium nitrate product, with added boron, for field application.

7666-yaraliva calcinit-main image


YaraLiva Calcinit (15.5% N + 19% Ca) is a fully water soluble nitrogen and calcium fertilizer.

7604-yaravita bortrac 150-main image

YaraVita BORTRAC 150

YaraVita Bortrac 150 is a concentrated liquid boron formulation manufactured to exacting quality control standards to guarantee consistent analysis, crop safety and product performance.

7610-yaravita brassitrel pro-main image


YaraVita Brassitrel Pro contains a combination of essential micronutrients, especially suitable to vegetable and leguminous field crops.

7605-yaravita coptrac 500-main image

YaraVita COPTRAC 500

YaraVita Coptrac is a very concentrated flowable formulation with 5 times more copper than typical liquid chelates.

7607-yaravita croplift-main image


YaraVita Croplift is high N water soluble NPK formulation with a balanced combination of all essential nutrients and formulated for safe foliar application.

7627-yaravita croplift-k-main image


YaraVita Croplift-K is high K water soluble NPK formulation with a balanced combination of all essential nutrients and formulated for safe foliar application.

7622-yaravita magflo 300-main image

YaraVita MAGFLO 300

YaraVita Hydromag Liquid is a highly concentrated flowable formulation contains almost 3 times more magnesium than epsom salts.

7611-yaravita mantrac pro-main image


YaraVita Mantrac Pro is a highly concentrated manganese formulation containing 8 times more Mn than a typical liquid chelate.

7617-yaravita molybor-main image


YaraVita Molybor is an easy to handle, concentrated, liquid formulation. Containing molybdenum and boron the product is ideal for use on leguminous and vegetable field crops.

7612-yaravita molytrac 250-main image

YaraVita MOLYTRAC 250

YaraVita Molytrac contains 250g/l molydbenum in an easy to handle, concentrated, liquid formulation

7608-yaravita safe-n 300-main image

YaraVita SAFE-N 300

YaraVita Safe-N 300 Is a very safe, concentrated liquid nitrogen product designed for foliar application.

7614-yaravita stopit-main image


YaraVita Stopit Is formulated from food grade calcium chloride to ensure crop safety and freedom from harmful impurities.

7616-yara soluble boron-main image


21% Soluble Boron is a soluble powder formulation for use on horticulture crops