Other Fertilizer Products

Yara partners with many different fertilizer companies to complement its portfolio, in order to be able to offer its customers and growers a total integrated fertility plan.

Yara strives to join forces with companies that are respected in their markets, and that can overall deliver the products that meet the Yara standard of quality.

Yara is the marketing arm for SQM, the number one manufacturer of potassium nitrate worldwide. From SQM Yara also brings sulphate of potash, sodium nitrate, urea phosphate and a whole range of water soluble NPKs.

Fertigation and Hydroponics

Yara Fertigation / Hydroponics

The Yara Fertigation/hydropnic range offers a complete portfolio of chelated micro nutrients and fully soluble fertilizers to be used in fertigation systems. 

Whether for hydroponic production under modern glasshouse units, fertigation under poly-tunnels, or open field fertigation, Yara has the wealth of knowledge in nutrient programmes to meet all farmers and growers needs.

PG Mix

Yara PG Mix

The Yara PG Mix range offers a complete range of fertilizers to be mixed with peat based substrates. 

PG Mix converts ordinary peat into a high quality potting soil and provides an even distribution of nutrients in the potting soil.