Improving Citrus Juice Content

Juice content is particularly important in processed oranges but also in fresh fruit.

A crop nutrition program - backed by good irrigation and water supply to help stimulate nutrient uptake during fruit production and improve the juice content is important.

Crop Nutrition and Citrus Juice Content

Good phosphorus, magnesium and boron during fruit fill helps to improve the juice content of the fruit. But these need to be part of a balanced nutrition program to ensure best effects and maximize juice content.


Phosphorus has a positive effect on juice content of the fruit. These trials highlight its role in Balady Lime and Pineapple Orange.


Optimum use of magnesium - as shown across a range of fruit types and situations - boosts juice content of the fruit.


Adequate supplies of boron have a positive effect on juice content. They will also bring forward ripening and maturity, often improving crop marketability.