Influencing Citrus Health

A healthy grove is the key to consistent, high yields of quality fruit.

This starts with a vigorous, healthy root system and needs to be backed by a fertilizer program that applies the right source of nutrient, at the right time and rate.

The use of high salt index or acid-forming sources of fertilizer, can lead to increased root dieback. Similarly, even if the right source is selected, over-application of fertilizer can reverse any positive growth effects. Too much fertilizer, combined with drought conditions and poor water quality, can damage roots and make them susceptible to infestation of root diseases. So, care needs to be taken to get the right balance of fertilizer to support positive, effective growth.

There is increasing evidence that calcium nitrate - backed by a well balanced program of other needed nutrients can mitigate against the effects of HLB - Greening and also Phytophthora.