August 03, 2020

YaraMila Actyva S - Balanced nutrition in a single granule

Formulated for New Zealand soils, YaraMila Actyva S gives you the control you need to maximise your crop yield

Designed especially for arable crops, Actyva S offers a precise balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur and essential trace elements.

The nitrogen is in the form of both Ammonium N and Nitrate N. This allows for immediate and slow uptake by the crop.



Full coverage first time

With Actyva S, an even spread is possible in fewer passes up the field, saving you time and money. Actyva S is a highly uniform, compound fertilizer that contains a precise amount of nutrient in every granule. Its consistent size and shape ensures an even distribution all the way across the 32m bout width

Actyva S coverage.JPG


A new level of precision

YaraMila Actyva S has excellent handling and spreading characteristics with low dust and no segregation. Because each robust granule contains the same components, you can be sure all the nutrients are evenly distributed-during production, bagging, transport, handling and spreading

YaraMila Actyva S Saves Time, Save Money

  • Increased production of crops - even granules, even spread, even crops, no striping, no volatilisation.
  • Less time in the paddock with better spreading bout width
  • Reduced blockage to precision machinery - time saved on clean up and maintenance



Target Crops

  • Cereals (wheat barley & oats)
  • Brassica seed crops
  • Vegetable crops
  • Specialist seed crops


Spring & Winter as a starter fertiliser


  • Bulk and precision spread
  • 125-400kg/ha either through planter or as bulk pre plant


Click here to see the "YaraMila High Quality Compound" video


YaraMila Actyva S product sheet