June 06, 2020

Each fertilizer drop counts

The practice of applying part of a crop’s annual fertilizer inputs via fertigation continues to gain traction with growers across New Zealand.
Apple Flip
Apple Flip

As growers continually look for ways to reduce production costs while also improving crop yield and quality, the improved efficiency provided by fertigation technology becomes increasingly important, says Yara New Zealand Commercial Manager Glen Baylis.
“Each crop requires different ratios of macro and micronutrients for optimal growth and marketable yield,” Glen says.
“Having a balanced formulation for each growth stage helps avoid mistakes, potential crop damage or precipitation when mixing separate fertilisers.”
YaraTera Kristalon is a complete range of growth stage-specific and water-soluble NPK fertilisers. Developed with input from leading nutritional research institutions around the world, the range includes formulations suitable for all crops across a variety of growth stages.
Applying Kristalon suited to the specific growth stage of the target crop allows nutrients and water to be delivered simultaneously for maximum efficiency. Kristalon should be used in combination, but not mixed, with YaraTera Calcinit to provide an additional source of fast-acting, plant-available nitrogen and calcium to optimise growth and strength.
Gary Speers, Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative in Hastings, comments: “We are seeing growers developing blocks in areas with challenging soil types, many of which have low fertility levels or cation imbalances. This is where the flexibility of fertigation stands out. For example, we can suggest nutrition programmes for sandy, low CEC soils that supply little and often while being precise about the amount and timing of nutrient applications. It just makes sense.”