April 01, 2019


Magnesium is an important secondary nutrient. Essential for all horticultural and arable crops for such key functions as photosynthesis, chlorophyll, sugar, and dry matter production, a supply of magnesium must be maintained throughout the growing season.

Standard industry practice is to ensure that adequate magnesium is applied as part of a capital or maintenance soil applied programme, based on both crop removal and soil test results. Although magnesium is a mobile nutrient in the plant, its uptake from the soil is often impeded due to factors such as cold, wet soil conditions and/or interactions in the soil with other competing nutrients such as calcium and potassium.

The application of foliar magnesium at strategic growth stages can complement soil nutrition, ensuring the nutrient balance is optimal at all growth stages.

YaraVita Magflo 300 is a high analysis, flowable suspension magnesium product formulated specifically for foliar application. It has a defined particle size, ensuring both a quick and longer lasting feeding effect.

In 2016, the Yara production chemists implemented a comprehensive change to the formulation to further improve the shelf life and pourability of the product.
As David Spencer, Agronomy and Crop Solutions Manager for Yara New Zealand says: “This improvement to the formulation has certainly resulted in positive feedback from growers. Monitoring of retained samples from the first production batch since the reformulation has confirmed this change has been very effective.”

For more information about Magflo and other Yara crop nutrition products, contact your local Yara Representative.