July 31, 2020

Unlock the Yield Potential of Your Cereal Crop

YaraVita GRAMITREL foliar fertilizer ‘unlock’ the yield potential of cereal crops by providing a balanced combination of readily-available macro and micronutrients essential for crop growth.

Yara NZ Arable Specialist – Paul Johnston, says foliar sprays enable the precise application of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc, ready for immediate uptake by the leaves.

YaraVita GRAMITREL has a guaranteed minimum analysis of N 6.4%, Mg 15%, Mn 15%, Zn 8% & Cu 5%.

“Even though the requirements for micronutrients and some macronutrients is small, efficient plant growth and function does not occur without these nutrients,” Paul says.

“Manganese governs the function of many enzymes, including those that help to provide the oxygen needed to form carbohydrates.

“Magnesium is vital for plant growth and development, being the central component of chlorophyll.

“Copper plays a key role in photosynthesis, flower and seed formation and for the functioning of several enzymes, including lignin synthesis.

“Zinc is essential for root development and at crop emergence due to its role in growth hormone synthesis and flower fertilisation.”

YaraVita GRAMITREL is applied to cereal crops at 1 to 3 L/ha from the two-leaf stage to second node detectable (Zadoks GS12–32) or 1 L/ha from second node detectable to flag leaf fully emerged (Zadoks GS 32–39).

Made using the highest quality ingredients, this easy-to-mix suspension concentrate is compatible with a wide range of crop protection products for cost-effective, one-pass application.

“Always check the compatibility of all the tank-mix partners before mixing by contacting Yara, visiting the Yara website or downloading the Yara Tankmix app,” Paul says.