Biogas Production Optimizer

How to increase biogas production? How to improve biogas quality? How to reduce biogas plant maintenance costs? How to improve the quality of the digestate? If you are asking yourself any of these questions, Yara’s Biogas Production Optimizer may be the answer you are looking for.

Yara’s Biogas Production Optimizer increases the efficiency of biogas production. The bacteria are given higher accessibility to the carbon sources in the substrate, thus accelerating and optimizing the conversion of substrates into biogas. The result is an increased methane concentration in the biogas, and therefore a higher energy content.

The Biogas Production Optimizer shifts the redox-potential in micro-scale digestion from anaerobic towards anoxic conditions. This part-time anoxic metabolism provides slightly higher energy yield to fermentative bacteria than constant anaerobic metabolism.

Syd Dayal
Syd Dayal
Industrial Sales Manager