NOx reduction by SNCR and SCR systems with anhydrous ammonia

Anhydrous ammonia can be used directly with SNCR and SCR systems in a gaseous form (most often) or in a liquid state. Anhydrous ammonia is normally stored under pressure (5-10 bar) but it can also be stored at atmospheric pressure when stored at -33°C.

NOx reduction with SCR and SNCR systems using anhydrous ammonia is the most effective NOx control reagent.

Yara is the world leader in the production and safe transport of ammonia in its various forms. Yara has several factories around the world which supply our clients.

Yara can help you include safety rules and obligations regarding the legislation for the handling and storage of ammonia on your site in your staff’s training. Yara has a century of experience in the production and shipment of anhydrous ammonia, we share our expertise in handling of anhydrous ammonia so that ammonia is a safe choice for you.

If you have specific questions about ammonia, please contact our NOx control expert.

For NOx control, Yara recommends the use of ammonia where possible.

Why use anhydrous ammonia?

Anhydrous ammonia has advantages over ammonia solution and urea where larger amounts of NOx reduction are required. With proper storage, handling and knowledge of ammonia properties, this reagent can be used without risk to convert NOx into nitrogen and water in your SCR system. The advantages of anhydrous ammonia, amongst others are:

  • Anhydrous ammonia contains 100% of the reagent, thus provides high efficiency and low cost of transportation
  • Less formation of nitrogen oxide and carbon moNOxide
  • Greater efficiency than urea in SNCR systems at high temperatures
  • Reduced likelihood of contamination and corrosion downstream of the injection equipment

Safe and reliable deliveries

We can transport anhydrous ammonia throughout the world to your site by:

  • Tanker truck
  • Freight train
  • Ship / barge

If you have specific questions about ammonia, please contact our expert NOx control.

Safe handling of anhydrous ammonia used for NOx control: Learn more about how Yara can help you to handle anhydrous ammonia safely.

Syd Dayal
Syd Dayal
Industrial Sales Manager