Range of Dosing Controllers

YaraNutriox controllers calculate the amount of product which is strictly necessary to inject to give the result the customer is looking for. We will recommend the one that best suits your site.

Optimise your dosage whilst continuously preventing H2S

The main aim of our preventive approach against H2S is to determine the exact amount of product you need to prevent the release of hydrogen sulphide. The formation of H2S varies continuously depending, among other things, on the volume, strength and temperature of wastewater in the sewer system or the WWTP. It is essential that you adjust the dosage of YaraNutriox against hydrogen sulphide, with a specific dose injected at every moment. This is the way that dosage is continuously optimised.

A range of dosage controllers to prevent H2S

Yara has developed a range of YaraNutriox controllers for dosing against H2S. Their role is to define at every moment the amount of reagent strictly necessary to inject. These dosage controllers use a dynamic model that can take into account variations in the key parameters impacting on the formation of hydrogen sulphide.

As a result, the amount of reagent used is completely consumed, with no waste or negative impact on the waste treatment process, and allows the complete prevention of H2S.

Yara offers a wide range of controllers for dosage. Contact us and we will help you to select the one that is most suited to your needs against hydrogen sulphide. 

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Syd Dayal
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