Prevent H₂S from re-occurring with our YaraNutriox™ service package

If you have a problem with the release of H₂S from your site and this leads to complaints from the local community due to odour pollution, it is necessary to implement a solution to remove H₂S, and also to prevent it from reoccurring.

A full service, that brings guaranteed results and optimised costs against H2S

YaraNutriox gives you all you need to control the injection of the product and verify in real time the efficiency of the treatment against hydrogen sulphide. You can remotely change the dosage and consume only the amount of product you really need.

This is a proven solution:

With over 2000 dosage sites in the world, Yara brings you YaraNutriox, a complete process we put in place for you and tailored for your specific needs.


Long nose and Odalog in use

Step 1: Analysis

We perform comprehensive diagnostic assessments to identify the sources of H2S release from your sewer or your treatment plant (WWTP). The risk of toxicity, corrosion and odour fumes are then evaluated. Having quantified the H2S emissions, our experts recommend the best solution to your sewer or your WWTP to prevent the problem of hydrogen sulphide.




Step 2: Trial phase

Each site has its own characteristics, so a trial may be necessary to allow us to determine the most suitable dosing strategy to meet your needs.



wastewater treatment plant

Step 3: Selecting the best equipment

Finally, our YaraNutriox technicians recommend a suitable treatment package, which includes:

  • The dosing controller
  • The storage tank for the product
  • Pipework and injection equipment

These units can be integrated into existing on-line management systems for stock control, and we also offer our YaraTelemetry solution.

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